The ZKA-Kobukan is an affiliate organisation under which the IOGKF-China branch dojos have been grouped. The ZKA(Zhuhai Karate Association) was formally established in 2007 with the direct approval of the city’s sports administrative body. This made it the first officially recognised Karate Association in China because prior to 2007 pre-existing karate associations were formed as a sub-organisation under other types of activities, such as Judo, Budo or Chinese Wushu, and as such they were not an independent legal entity.

When the ZKA was established, its dojo also served as the Kobukan Hombu dojo and the two organisations were merged to form the ZKA-Kobukan. The ZKA Kobukan is dedicated to preserving and teaching traditional Okinawan Karate and Kobudo to a future generation of practitioners. The ZKA Kobukan is a member of IOGKF-China. The ZKA-Kobukan’s chief instructor is IOGKF Shihan Lam King Fung (7th Dan).