The following consists of a part of all Goju-Ryu striking techniques. Although the techniques described here refer to striking methods using one’s arms, all striking techniques within the Goju-Ryu system require the use of other muscle-groups throughout the body, they require the proper co-ordination between different parts of the body to generate maximum power at the right moment (a physical and mental state of focus called “Kime”) as well as the application of Muchimi-te.

In Japanese Pronunciation In English Brief summary
直突き Choku-tsuki Straight Punch Refers to the basic straight-line punch similar to a jab, this technique is also seen in other variations such as the reverse punch, etc,.
前顺突き Mae-Jun-Tsuki Front Straight Punch A Choku-tsuki executed with the arm on the same side as the front foot.
追い突き Oi-tsuki Stepping Forward Punch A Choku-tsuki executed while stepping forward, using the arm on the same side as the foot moving forward.
前逆突き Mae-Gyaku-tsuki Reverse Punch Punching with the arm which is on the same side as the back-leg.
裏突き Ura-tsuki Inverse Punch Punching with the back of the fist facing downwards.
上げ突き Age-Tsuki Upper Cut Punching in a vertical direction with the back of the fist facing outwards.
鉤突き Kagi-tsuki Hook Punch Punching inwards with a curved trajectory.
後突き Ushiro-Tsuki Back Punch Punching over one’s shoulder towards a target in the rear.
裏打ち Ura-uchi Back-fist strike A outward striking using the first two knuckles as the points of contact, with the back of the fist facing the target, relying on wrist movement to generate extra-power.
振り打ち Furi-uchi Cork-screw strike Twisting one’s punching arm inwards so that the back of the knuckles strikes the target from the side.
拳槌打ち Kentsui-uchi Hammer-fist strike striking with the outer-ridge side of one’s hand while it is clenched into a fist
手刀打ち Shuto-uchi Knife-hand strike striking with the outer-ridge side of one’s hand when it is unclenched.
外手刀打ち Soto-Shuto-uchi Outer Knife-hand strike Knife-hand striking inwards (towards the front center region) from the side of the body.
內手刀打ち Uchi-Shuto-uchi A reverse Knife-hand strike A knife hand strike whilst the palm is facing downwards.
背刀打ち Haito-uchi Back-handed knife-hand strike With fingers extended forwards, strike with the inner ridge of the hand (the thumb-side of the hand).
肘当て Hiji-a-te Elbow strike Striking with one’s elbow
前肘当て Mae-Hiji-a-te Front Elbow Strike Forward elbow strike whereby the arm is bent such that the forearm is above
下肘当て shita-Hiji-a-te Downward elbow strike Striking downwards with one’s elbow
横肘当て Yoko-Hiji-a-te Horizontal Elbow strike Striking with one’s elbow in the lateral direction
回し肘当て Mawashi-Hiji-a-te Roundhouse Elbow Strike Striking inwards with one’s elbow travelling in a curved trajectory
后ろ肘当て Ushiro-Hiji-a-te Back Elbow Strike Striking towards the rear of the body with one’s elbow
贯手 nukite Finger-tip jab Jabbing with one’s finger-tips
掌底打ち Shotei-Uchi Palm strike Striking with the base of one’s palm