Karate History

Karate originated in the Ryukyu Islands some four to five centuries ago. Originally known as Te or Tode it was a form of unarmed combat practiced by the Ryukyu nobility in conjunction with other weapon handling arts. (Read more about the history of karate in our website)


空手道起源于琉球,原称唐手,相传 500年前开始传入琉球社会中,与刀术棒术弓术等同为士族阶层作为防身而练的武术。 刚柔流空手道是宫城长顺先生所创的武术体系,由长顺先生之师东恩纳宽量先生在福州学成武艺后带回冲绳传授给宫城长顺先生。宫城长顺先生在东恩纳宽量先生门下习武13年,1915年终长顺先生继承师门,1930年将其门派命名刚柔流唐手,1933年刚柔流唐手成为第一个被大日本武德会认可的空手道流派。 (点击图片或进入中文网区阅读全文)

Kobudo Weapons

It is commonly assumed that Kobudo weapons came from farming tools although they came from a far wider background. Many Kobudo weapons probably did not come from agricultural tools and a few of these weapons were quite possibly designed specifically as a weapon rather than being derived from utilitarian tools. Read More